so apparently there are 3k people following me?? that’s crazy! [ruffnut voice] i like that 

to celebrate this, i decided to have a little url giveaway because i really don’t have anything else to give to you guys. SO, let’s get started on this!


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  • i will chose the winners on July 31st, 2014
  • Five (5)people can win! the first winner will get to chose what url they want first, the second place winner will chose whatever is left, and so on.
  • one url per winner
  • please have your ask open so i can contact you if you win. and if you do not reply to the message in 48 hours, i will chose a new winner. (unless you have a valid reason for why you didn’t reply. but you will have less of a chance of getting the url you wanted)
  • if the url you wanted was chosen by the person before you, then you can let me know and i will chose someone else who wants a url.
  • if you win, let me know when you’re ready to be given the url because i’ll just delete it from my blog and you’ll have to be sure to get it then. it’s just that i don’t want to have to ask for your email because i know not everyone would be comfortable with that.
  • pixarly
  • pridexfberk
  • haddocking
  • askrilling
  • freescauldy
  • buzzlightyear-s
  • twelvedaysnorth
  • rockmyspocks
  • buzzliqhtbeer
  • buzzlightweights

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Good luck and thanks for following! :)

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Also this ends at the end of this month!!! :)


hey guys! just so you know, i’ve been over at this blog much more lately. so if you wanna either check it out or send me some asks over there, then that would be cool! :)

Anonymous: "Do you think Home will have any bullies for Tip"

Hm… it’s hard to say. I’ve never read the books or anything, so I’m not sure if there is one in the original story. There will most likely be a villain though. And if not a villain, then probably an authority figure that isn’t well liked by one of the main characters. Though it’s really hard to say since there isn’t much out on the movie yet. :)

Anonymous: "Why do you say Home will be very very sad ?"

All we’ve seen of it so far is a bunch of the jokes, and knowing what DreamWorks can do, I feel like it will be very, very sad. 

I could use Dragons as an example: when Dragons was coming out, all I ever saw were trailers filled with all of the jokes and a few other parts. It looked really kiddish and not all too great in my opinion (why I didn’t go and see it in theatres), but when I watched it a couple years back for the first time, it blew me away. It wasn’t anything that I thought it was going to be, and was quite deep and pretty real in a way.

So I just feel like all of these “haha so funny” trailers are just to make us feel happy about it so when it comes out, it’ll hit even harder.

I hope that made sense. I guess what I’m trying to say is that since all the trailers we’ve seen so far are funny, the movie will hit hard.



i’ve always wondered if anyone’s ever gotten a cake from cake boss and cut into it expecting some cake in that spot, but all they got was a bunch of cereal treats

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Source don’t remove it

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You make weird faces, honey.

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Day 19: A Moment That Makes You Happy - Little Wonders, Meet the Robinsons Ending

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